Studio Mini Session Details


The Details

Thank you so much for booking a mini session with me. Below are a few things to notes before your session.

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2024

Location: 52 St Lawrence Street, Toronto, ON M5A 3N1 - Unit 113


  •  Buzz number 2997 at the front door. If you are asked for an access code, it is 0113. The studio is Unit 113, on the main floor. To get to the studio from the building entrance, walk through the door directly across from where you entered (on the first floor, don't go up the longer flight of stairs), then walk down the hall a few steps and take the first door on the right. Unit 113 is about halfway down the hall, just before the stairs. The door will automatically unlock at the start time of your booking and lock at the end of your booking.
  • Please try to be 5-10 minutes early just in case you're not able to find a parking spot or you're running a little behind. Life happens and I totally understand that, but unfortunately due to this being a mini marathon, time being limited & other clients having scheduled times. If you do happen to be late, we will only be able to shoot for the remaining time you have left (ex. 10 mins late, you will have 10 mins of shooting time since the session is only a total of 20 mins)
  • Street Parking will be available near the studio but please arrive early as it is not easily accessible to the studio and is a 5-10 min walk. *attached photo of parking locations on map*

  • The remaining deposit of $155.38 must be paid the day of the session. I accept E-Transfer or cash. E-Transfer payments can be made to 

  • The fee of $275.00(+HST) covers the following:
  • 20 minute session
  • Planning Assistance
  • Studio Rental Fee
  • 20+ Final images

**** Please note that there is a max amount of 6 people ($10/ additional person)****

No Pet's will be allowed in the studio

  • Turnaround time for the photos will be 2 weeks. You’ll receive a link to an online private gallery with the edited photos from the shoot, allowing you to download high-resolution photos.

  • If you have a little one with you please bring a couple toys/drinks/snacks to keep them entertained! Kids run on their own schedule but I want to make sure they're as comfortable as possible.

  • If you're in a bit of a pickle on what to wear, I attached a 'what to wear guide' down below

  •  Lastly, have fun! I am so excited to meet you! If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know beforehand. 

Thank you!

52 St Lawrence Street, Toronto, ON M5A 3N1 Unit 113