What to Wear Guide (Christmas Edition)

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favourite family photo outfit ideas. I always recommend selecting a colour palette for your session. This will allow you to coordinate outfits with one another.

Choose an item you love and feel great in, maybe a dress or a favourite top. Then, coordinate with each other using your consistent colour palette. Your photos will look intentional and natural, without feeling “matchy”.⁠

If you decide to purchase new items for your session, try them on and wear them around the house or out and about. Make sure you feel comfortable in them and you aren’t concerned about straps, see-through fabrics, or worrying about the fit. This will ensure you and your family are as comfortable as possible during the session!

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Helpful Tips!

  • First of all, you want your family’s outfits to coordinate, but not match completely. Avoid dressing your whole family in the same colour (i.e. everyone wearing a white shirt). A great way to do this is to start with one outfit that you absolutely know you want to use for your session…what colour is it? What colours would complement it? Try to just stay with 2-3 colours that coordinate.

  • Next, pick muted or neutral colours. Earthy tones can contribute to that dreamy, creamy feel that can make photos look so magical. Very bright colours can be distracting and will give the entire photo a bolder and more vibrant look. Instead of your typical red and green for Christmas, maybe try a light olive green, a rust colour, or a maroon.

  • Be careful with patterns. It’s perfectly okay to add outfits with patterns on it, but just be conscious of the types of patterns you are choosing. Patterns with very small dots tend to run together in photographs. Very tight plaids or small stripes will give off a wavy look in a photograph. If you have a question about whether a certain pattern will photograph well or not, don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Don’t hesitate to dress up! Plan to dress up a little more than your every day wear. Consider higher quality fabrics – they will translate better on camera…avoid t-shirt or athletic dry fit material. Also keep in mind while dressier outfits tend to photograph better, you want to be comfortable too. It will be hard to take joyful carefree looking photos when you’re just not comfortable with what you have on! Stay authentic to what makes your family you!

Light and Warm

This light and warm colour palette is a perfect neutral option that will look good anytime of year in almost any location you can imagine. If you are drawn to light neutral tones with a hint of warmth or blue-green hues, try the following family photo outfit ideas.

Autumn/Holiday Tones

Embrace the change of the seasons and choose a bold autumn/holiday inspired colour palette. These muted jewel tones will pop against most backgrounds, giving your photos a cozy and vibrant energy. The following family photo outfit ideas are perfect for anyone drawn to rich and bold colours.

Classic Modern

This modern monochrome palette will look so classy in an urban setting. Since the monotone colours may become washed out easily. Add pops of red lipstick or metallic accents to add visual interest to your photos.

Comfy and Cozy

Thinking of something more on the casual side? Grab your favourite pair of holiday pj's or lounge wear. You and your kids will be super comfortable and you won't have to worry about them making a fuss. You can either have all matching pj's or change it up a bit if you don't want to look all the same, i'd recommend the typical Christmas shades of red and green.

More Inspo!


  • Wear something comfortable that you feel like yourself in.
  • Compliment - don’t match (unintentionally).
  • Natural fibres, neutral/earthy colours look amazing in most settings.
  • Avoid large prints, logos, and patterns
  • Don't be afraid to dress up!
  • No matter what, remember to have fun with it! If you’re enjoying yourselves, looking natural will be an automatic result!

Can't wait to see you and your family!

Thank you!